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About Elder Dr. Levon R. Yuille

Elder Dr. Levon R. Yuille has been the Pastor of The Bible Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan for over thirty years. Along with his work in the ministry, he has been a community activist for well over thirty years, which has afford him the opportunity to work with numerous groups and individuals for the good of society.

Some of the groups and organizations that Pastor Yuille has been either a board member or chair of are as follows:

One of the founding members of the Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Vicinity Ministerial Alliance, where he was president for six years. This alliance consisted of forty-four inter-denominational churches in Washtenaw County.

Member and chairman of grassroots drug prevention agency, Parent’s Together. Parent’s Together  had a starting budget of twenty thousand dollars, and grew to $300,000 dollars during his tenure as chairman.

Chairman of the Neighborhood Health Clinic working with Dr. D. Brown; this clinic served to the needs of those who couldn’t afford healthcare insurance.

Member of Leaders in Prevention a group chaired by the late Millie Schembechler, the wife of Bo Schembechler the recently deceased former coach of the University of Michigan football team.
These are but a few of the boards he has served on.

Pastor Yuille is currently Chairman of the Hope Clinic Pastoral Advisory Board. This board serves Washtenaw with free medical, dental, and other related health and social service needs.

National Director of the National Black Pro-Life Congress. This position has allowed him to speak for over a decade around the country and three providences in Africa (Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania) on behalf of the unborn. He has also spoken throughout the state of Michigan for Michigan Right to Life.

Pastor & Mrs. Yuille were the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Right to Life of Michigan. Pastor Yuille has received over forty awards and citations for his involvement with quality of life causes. He has received various awards from the city of Ypsilanti, Michigan for Citizen of the Year, Pregnancy Counseling Center Community Service Award, Heartbeat International 2009 Servant Award, and numerous awards and accolades which reflect his concern for humanity.

He was also the chair of the Michigan Black Republician Council of Southeastern Michigan.

His relationship with the party has afforded him the opportunity to work with and meet such great Americans as, President Bush; he recently had the privilege of having been a table guest with Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. He has worked with Mr. Tom Monaghan on at least two occasions of some grassroots efforts; He has personally worked with the late Reggie White, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, Alveda King, the neice of the late M.L. King. He has also served on programs with Alan Keyes, Henry Hyde (Illinois Congressman), Judge Roy Moore, The Ten Commandments Judge and many more.

Pastor Yuille received his initial ministerial training at the Avery Church and Bible School of Chicago, Illinois. His insatiable appetite for the word of God and theology has driven him to many books, scholarly presentations and exposures to numerous other sources of learning for over twenty years. In 2005 the Mid-Atlantic Conference Board Scholars conferred an honorary Doctorate of Divinity upon Pastor Yuille.

Pastor Yuille’s best friend and traveling companion Sally. Mrs. Yuille, a quiet warrior, has been part of Pastor Yuille's numerous activities and ministry for many years. They have been blessed to raise eight children and an abundance of great and great grandchildren. In their decades of marriage they have been fortunate to travel throughout the world including all fifty states, Canada, Mexico, Africa and England.